Personal Running Coach
Esther Dill
Whether your goal is to start running, get back to running, or improve your running, hiring a running coach will help you meet your goals, motivate you, and keep you injury-free.
As a Road Runner’s Club of America certified running coach and a six-time qualifier for the Boston Marathon – who never dreamed I would get there when I just decided to making running a lifestyle to stay in shape – I have the training, experience and that secret ingredient of an understanding temperament to lead you to success. I can help you bring out the best in yourself.

Running is about fitness. Running is about the satisfaction of achieving goals. It’s also about fun and creating a supportive social network where you will find lifetime friends. It’s also about staying healthy, avoiding injuries and finding energy for yourself, your family, your career and, of course, that special someone in your life.

Let’s get you running!
Let’s Get You Running!

Whether you want to qualify for the Boston Marathon, set a personal record or simply get in shape I know how to inspire you and coach you to your goals. Yes, there are running programs on-line and in books, but I know from experience there is nothing like a coach. I know because I still use one myself.

I encourage runners to study information and always learn. Reading alone, though, doesn’t get the job done. All of us need that personal resource who can interpret information and customize it for your success. A coach will inspire and encourage you but never enable negative thoughts and rationalizations that self-sabotage.

You Can Succeed
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