Personal Running Coach
Esther Dill


 Running is my passion. That has not only fueled my desire to complete 30 marathons and dozens of other running events but also it inspires me to evangelize for running. It’s why I contribute to the running community conversation by serving in roles such as the North Carolina Roadrunners Club newsletter editor.

Running is about fitness, accomplishment, community and building life-long friends. I absolutely love sharing what I have learned from my experiences and my Road Runner’s Club of America coaching certification with others who are eager to learn. It brings my heart joy and has become a lifestyle for me.

I want to help you achieve your fitness and running goals. I want to keep you safe from running injuries. I want to help you connect with a wonderful, vibrant community that will enrich your life. I firmly believe running has extra benefits by helping you find the energy and positive attitude you need to excel in your career, serve your family and bring extra passion to that special someone in your life.

Let’s get you running!
I will design a personalized training plan for beginners or ​athletes who are looking for their next PR. Customized training plans are monthly, race specific for 16-18 weeks, or on-going. Click here for programs available.